Sunday, September 18, 2011


My photos after over a year and a half hiatus.


Nathan said...

Photo #1 - 16mm looks great. No more cropped sensors, lol. It might look even better if you cropped the top and bottom half to give the illusion of an even wider picture.

Photo #2 - Nice tone map and angle. I like how the horizon glows over at the left. Its amazing to think that there is that much light coming from..well artificial sources. The water looks like someone can walk on it with that long exposure.

Photo #3 - The red white and blue lighting is neat.

Photo #4 - The flag is very symbolic especially at that angle, sort of like it is watching over the twin towers. The gradient of the sky is silky smooth even at ISO 1600. Noise?...what noise? :)

Photo #5 - It got cloudier in this pic, so it appears the lights are piecing the clouds, instead of illuminating them

Photo #6 - Symbolic twin candles, and follows the same theme as the prior photos. Well done, sir. The tilt gave it more visual interest, too.

Photo #7 - Sort of blend of photos #1 and #3, with less vertical lighting, but still nicely shot with better tighter view of The Seaport and Pier 17.

Photo #8 - Different feel, and it put some words (in the photo) at the end to give a long-lasting impression to the viewer. It could use a bit more contrast overall, with less brightness on the right candle.

Terrific photos..and what a great way to remember an American icon and pay tribute to those that were loss.

Mstic said...

Hey Nathan,

Thanks for the comments.

For Photo 2, it's actually a HDR photo. That's why you get that horizon glow. Only thinkg I didn't like was the far left, the area of black spot.

As for the candle images, I didn't even realize there were two. Definitely an unexpected interpretation. The idea of 2 towers should have been in my mind. But I'll admit that it wasn't in my mind at the time I took the photos of the candles. I should have kept with some theme. Thanks for pointing it out.

I agree with photo 7, nothing special about it but I wanted to make it really dark to hopefully clearly depict the light, but the clouds were just too heavy that night.

I agree with photo 8, I should make the right candle less bright. I'll tone it down and hopefully repost the modified photo later =P